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"Stronger Than Wine" - Achilles Tenderloin

Bio - Ben Miller

"50 Years of Juke Joints" - Ben Miller
"Screen Door" - Bob Marshall Band

Bio - Delta Duo

"Preachin' the Blues" - Delta Duo
"Movin' On" - Ilana Katz Katz
"New Old Stuff" - Jimmie Bratcher
"Yes Indeed!" - Kenny Parker Blues Band
"Credit Cards & Cadillacs" - Lenny Paquette

Bio - Sam Butler

"Raise Your Hands!" - Sam Butler
"Road to Glory" - Terry "Fingers" Fellers
"Two-Edged Sword" - Agape Blues Company

Bio - Ben Miller

"Good & Faithful Servant" - Ben Miller

Bio - Dan Phelps

"Going Home" - Dan Phelps
"The World Moves On" - Hitman Blues Band
"The Graveyard Shift" - Jimmi & The Band of Souls

Bio - Marc Gunn

"Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion" - Marc Gunn
"Neon Boneyard" - The Nashville PieHoles
"Keep Walking Woman" - R.D. Olson Blues Band
"2-CD SET!" - Sheba - "The Mississippi Queen"
Ann M. Wolf - "Redemption"
"I'm Not Ashamed to Be a Christian" - Bible Belt Blues Band
"Over the Moon" - David Pinksy & Phil Newton
"Take The Ride" - Hound Dog Mike & The Crusade
"Exchange" - Jimmie Bratcher
"Grace, Faith & Blues" - Joe Lewis Band
"Lost Nights at the Leopard Lounge" - Michele D'Amour & The Love Dealers
"A Little Country" - The Runaway Hamsters
"The Blues Are Knockin" - Markey Blue Band
"Zone Bleue" - Slinky & P'tit Loup

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