Welcome to "The Gospel Blues Hour"!

Here on our BillandKatRadio network, "The Gospel Blues Hour with Brother Bill" broadcasts every Sunday morning at 8am EDT on BOTH STATIONS - ROOTS 102 & CROSS 104! with several more replays throughout each week.

Get ready to be Bluesified and Sanctified!!!!

The Legal Stuff:

"If you've come here looking for any of that 'come-lay-your-head-on-the-shoulder-of-perfect-hair-Jesus' music, you're in the wrong place!! If you want wailing Strats, screaming Les Pauls, and some down-home acoustics, we can help you with that!!"


This one hour show plays 12 times throughout the week on Cross104 (initial airing Sunday 8am Eastern), and 7 times a week on Roots102:

  CROSS 104   ROOTS 102  


8:00AM 12:00PM 8:00AM 12:00PM
MONDAY 12:00PM 9:00PM   11:00PM
TUESDAY 7:00AM 10:00PM   10:00PM
WEDNESDAY 2:00PM 11:00PM   4:00PM
THURSDAY 2:00AM 11:00AM   10:00PM
FRIDAY 10:00AM 9:00PM   5:00PM


The GBH is also featured on the following stations (visit their web sites for times):

Outlaw Country Gospel, Blues@ (UK), Branson Gospel Radio, TruBlues975 - WDIF 97.5fm in Marion, Ohio, The WJIC Network, Cornerstone Christian Radio Station (UK), Upper Room Radio, KFGB 97.7fm, Heartlight Radio, WORB Radio, Bayou Gospel Radio, KBAF Radio, Classic Christian Rock Radio, Star 99, NoteSpire Music, Good News Gospel Radio, 88fm in Sunraysia, Australia, The Fire Radio, WHIP Blues Radio, Redrock Radio (Ireland), Angel 95fm, WXFC 92.7fm Rebel Radio, The GRR, Tirta TV (Indonesia)

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