For the past 4 years, we have been honored to support Indie Artists and Bands from around the globe, in multiple genres, by providing a network of internet radio stations designed to showcase and promote incredible music that deserves to be heard. We have created opportunites to get Indie CD's into an awesome brick-and-mortar store, and put many Indie Artists on the Roots Music Report. We have opened doors for our BillandKatRadio family members, connecting them to opportunities on compilation CD's with worldwide distribution, getting their music played on FM stations around the world, and helping them gain recognition within reputable music awards  organizations. We are proud of the work we do, and are humbly grateful to know we are making a difference.

The recent bankruptcy and closure of Streamlicensing has forced us to carefully evaluate our business. We broadcast the best Indie music available 24/7/365, and produce unique and entertaining internet radio programs to showcase amazing talent. Can we continue to spend hundreds of dollars every month trusting that royalties will be paid to the Artists? We spoke to many of our artists, and discovered all of them had yet to receive a royalty check from the PROs, and we are not the only stations playing their music. The way the calculations run for royalties, a song has to be played hundreds of times to generate that first $1 payout.

We absolutely agree musicians and bands deserve to be paid for their work, and have paid our licensing fees religiously. Now that Streamlicensing is gone, we had to look at all of the other options, but their licensing fees are even higher! We are not convinced our Indie Artists are receiving any benefits from this.

Therefore, BillandKatRadio is migrating towards a Waiver System business model. We will continue to proudly support all of our artists, and pay our website and broadcasting fees, but we must have a signed waiver from the artists allowing us to play the music. We feel the services we provide, and real opportunities we share with our artists, will translate more quickly into much higher financial gains for our artists; CD sales and gigs will put real money in their pockets faster than waiting on a royalty check. 

BillandKatRadio is known for honesty and integrity. We have always played by the rules, and will continue to do so, through this Waiver System. Over the next few weeks, we will be in the process of re-building and bringing back the stations we had to turn off last year. Sign and submit your waiver NOW to be part of the relaunch of Boots 101, Roots 102, Celtic 103, Cross 104, OTR 105 and Bells 107!

Please click here to sign the waiver.

Welcome to the BillandKatRadio Network!

BillandKatRadio is owned by “Wild Bill” Kenton and “Miss Katrina” Kenton in Cincinnati, OH, and our Christian & Inspirational station, Cross 104, is the home of the ORIGINAL weekly, globally-syndicated, Gospel Blues show The Gospel Blues Hour with Brother Bill. We are heard in hundreds of countries every month with thousands of listeners who enjoy our variety and mix of the "classics" with the great new and "Indie" artists performing now.

We are not new to internet radio. Bill Kenton was inducted into the American Heritage Blues Hall of Fame on October 15, 2014 for his outstanding work in support of new Blues artists and the Blues community. We also actively support “Guitars4Vets”, a national non-profit organization aiding Veterans with PTSD and other challenges using music therapy. We have built our reputation on solid character and integrity, and strive to bring top-quality, family-friendly entertainment to all.

Are you an Indie Artist, or part of a popular local band that is looking to increase your exposure and opportunities? SEND US YOUR CD FOR CONSIDERATION!   (BillandKatRadio, 3055 Sovereign Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45251 USA) We are known for our support of new artists and are proud to showcase amazing new talent. Click Contact Us and tell us about yourself, or FIND US on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  All of our stations broadcast from our web site, TuneIn, iTunes and through their Facebook pages, so your fans can easily access your music.

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