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Welcome to PATRIOT 108!

This station is for those who are PROUD to be AMERICANS, who understand the phrase, "Home of the Free Because of the Brave", who respect and salute our Flag, and who live the principles stated in our Constitution.  For over 200 years, AMERICAN men and women of all nationalities, races, colors and creeds, have fought for our Freedoms, both at home and abroad. Often, music became a soldier's refuge, or inspired Patriotism throughout the country. Music brought us together, and continues to do so today. This station plays music that celebrates our Patriotism - from World War I, World War II, through 9/11, and even today, many genres of music convey our American history with raw emotion.  We proudly salute and support our Veterans and those currently serving the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Thank you for your service.


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