C'mon over! Y'all are welcome to join us for the best Traditional and Outlaw Country Music at "The Front Porch Jam".

Here on our BillandKatRadio.com network, "The Front Porch Jam" show takes us back to a time when folks gathered on the porch to share stories, friendship, hospitality, and of course great, down-home, Traditional and Outlaw Country styles of music! Hosted by "Wild Bill" Kenton, this show includes a "God, Guns, & Country" segment every week showcasing songs that support traditional and patriotic values. 

Grab a drink, sit right down, and get ready for some toe-tappin' fun!

 This one-hour show plays 10 times throughout the week on Boots 101:

(all times Eastern/USA) 

  BOOTS 101      
MONDAY 1:00PM    to 2:00PM   &  10:00PM    to 11:00PM
TUESDAY 3:00PM    to 4:00PM   &  11:00PM    to 12:00AM
WEDNESDAY 2:00AM    to 3:00AM   &  11:00AM    to 12:00PM
THURSDAY 9:00AM    to 10:00AM   &  5:00PM    to 6:00PM
FRIDAY 12:00AM    to 1:00AM   &  10:00AM    to 11:00AM


The Kentons are known world-wide for their loyal support of Traditional and Outlaw "Indie" Country Artists, and are proud to bring this popular style of music to you daily on Boots101.com, as well as every week on The Front Porch Jam radio show. Pull up a chair, and tune in to the show on these fantastic radio stations around the world: (visit their web sites for times):

Down Home Radio, Redrock Radio Carlow, Twang Thang Country Radio, European Indie Music Network, @NBRN (Nashville Broadcast Radio Network), Bourbon Trail Radio, Texas Redrock Radio, Indiexpress, Countrybeatsradio.com, FUNN Indie Radio, LLC, and Thebull Country Station!!

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